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How to Upgrade Your Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle for Some Off-Road Fun

If you've bought a vehicle for some off-road fun, you may be thinking about introducing some specific modifications so you can make those weekend excursions even more enjoyable. You may not be worried about speed, per se, as after all, these vehicles are not the most aerodynamic, but you can definitely enhance engine performance and protect your new purchase in rough conditions. Where should you start when it comes to Jeep auto parts and upgrades?

Low-Hanging Fruit

If your vehicle is able to breathe more effectively, then it will be able to pull you out of any trouble or help you negotiate some steep climbs in those out-of-the-way places. Consequently, you should think about upgrading your air intake, so that the air delivered is denser or colder than average. This will help you to pull some additional "grunt" from the motor.

Upgrading the Air Intake

Look for a cold air intake system that will typically come with a filter and pipe connector to fit onto the throttle body. Once you've done this, you will eliminate many of the restrictions that are imposed by a factory-fitted air box, but you do need to be careful to protect this new intake system from water.

Of course, if you are driving into the wilderness, you may well encounter a stream or flooded area after some heavy rainfall, and you may have no choice but to drive through it. You will want to do so without worrying about your cold air intake system, so you may need to add another aftermarket product, known as a snorkel.

How Does a Snorkel Work?

This breathing extender will connect to your intake system, and the pipe will run outside the bonnet and up the side of the frame to roof level. It doesn't matter if your water crossing is waist-deep in this situation, as the air will be sourced from an elevated position. Consequently, you won't have to worry about hydro-lock or any other failure.

Other Breathers

If you do decide to fit a snorkel, you should also add a special set of breather tubes to other areas of the vehicle for additional protection. For example, your transmission, transfer case and axle pair will all need this protection, so that they can evacuate any built-up gases without the risk of water infiltration.

Keep on Going

While this is a good place to start, it only represents the tip of the iceberg as far as off-road performance parts are concerned. Have a word with your parts supplier to see if they can recommend any other "add-ons" for your new purchase.

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