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How to Find Gold in a Wrecker's Yard

When you think about a wrecker's yard, what comes into your mind? Do you think that it is a dirty or overcrowded place with hazards aplenty, smothered in engine oil and steaming away in the oppressive Australian heat? Or do you see this as a potential goldmine, where you can pick up hard-to-find parts very cheaply as a solution to your budgetary problem. You could be forgiven for falling into the former camp, but if you haven't scheduled a visit to your nearest yard recently, you may be pleasantly surprised. Why should you make the effort?

Being a Shrewd Buyer

A modern-day automobile can be an expensive commodity. Manufacturers build a certain amount of redundancy into these vehicles so that parts will wear out after a certain amount of use and their owners will be forced to replace them. They're relying on the fact that the average consumer will source these parts from official outlets so they can make a good amount of profit in the aftermarket. However, if you are currently looking, you may be able to pick up some of these parts more cheaply by spending some time in a place like a Saab wrecker's yard.

Parts in Perfect Condition

This type of facility is not simply a resting place for a vehicle that has reached the end of its natural life. In fact, most of the vehicles will have been written off by insurance companies due to accident damage and may not be very old at all. Consequently, it's likely that you will find a damaged version of your current vehicle hidden away in the corner and it may include just the part that you're looking for right now. Remember, it doesn't take much for an insurance company to banish a damaged car to this kind of place. The parts needed to fix it may be more expensive than its inherent value, even though most of the car is still in good shape.

Retrieving Some Spares

Even though you are in the market for a specific (but nonetheless expensive) part, you should continue to look around the donor vehicle once you have retrieved it. You may find some optional extras that would look very nice on your own vehicle and you may be able to pick them up quite cheaply. Think about buying a consumable item or two at the same time so you can store them away in your garage in case you need a replacement in the future.

Asking Some Questions

Pick up the phone and ask the yard owner if they have any examples of your make and model. It's definitely worth a trip to see if you can pick up some bargains.

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