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Tight Job Access? Why the Latest Mini Crane Could Be Ideal

Have you been scratching your head recently because you need to schedule a repair job in a very awkward to reach place? You may be facing some additional restrictions, as your work site is on an elevated floor and you have some weight restrictions to consider, as well. So, it's going to be difficult for you to bring in conventional equipment due to its bulk, and even more challenging for you to manoeuvre it anyway, to help you accomplish your objective. You may feel as if you are at an impasse, but there is a solution. What could this be?

Rely on the Spider

When you first look at the spider crane, you will understand exactly why it has this name. Yet looks aside, this is the perfect machine to help you get on with your job and move onto the next issue. This crane was designed to be manoeuvred into a very restricted area before being deployed. It is relatively lightweight and can easily be installed on an upper floor that has weight limitations.

You may be worried about access, as you will have to get your machinery down some narrow corridors on its way to the work site. Usually, this is not a problem for a spider crane, which has an amazing range once it is set up. Consequently, if you need to lift an air-conditioning unit to an elevated position or need to replace a structural beam at a work site, this is your solution.

Minimise Disruption

You may be worried about disruption as well, as the area in question is heavily trafficked. It shouldn't take you long to bring in the crane as it is easy to manoeuvre when all the legs are folded away. Once you're ready, you can unfold and elevate in a short space of time, and then remove everything before people actually notice.

Use Flexible Attachments

Furthermore, these machines come with a variety of different attachments. You can hook a weight to move it, or you can attach vacuum attachments to introduce a very large pane of glass. In short, these flexible machines can come to your rescue, no matter what challenge is faced.

Explain Your Challenge

Ask about quality crane hire options from hire companies for further information and give them an idea of your challenge. They will be able to provide you with an eight-legged friend to solve your dilemma.

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