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The Advantages Of Fitting Pneumatic Castor Wheels To Your Warehouse's Dollies

Robust dollies are vitally important pieces of equipment in many warehouses, allowing your employees to safely and efficiently move heavy goods and cargo without having to constantly rely on expensive and unwieldy forklifts. However, any dolly is only as effective its castor wheels, which allow it to move smoothly in any direction, and in many cases standard castors made of rubber or steel simply aren't up to the task. 

For this reason, many warehouse operators fit their dollies and other manually operated pieces of moving equipment with pneumatic castors. These castors are fitted with air-filled tyres not unlike the ones you find fitted to car wheels, which have numerous advantages over other castors that make them particularly useful for warehousing applications.

What are the advantages of fitting pneumatic castors to warehouse dollies?

Shock absorbency 

The average warehouse dolly is likely to take some significant knocks as heavy cargo is loaded onto it, and the sudden shock of a heavy load being dropped onto a dolly can cause some standard castors to flatten or crack, rendering the dolly unusable until they are replaced. The air-filled tyres fitted to pneumatic castors allow them to absorb these shock loads much more easily, allowing your employees to load cargo quickly and efficiently without worrying about damaging the castors.

Quiet operation

Warehouses can be tremendously noisy places to work at the best of times, and the rumbling of stiff castors rolling over concrete can contribute a surprising amount of ambient noise levels. The noise stiff castors create when rolling can make it more difficult for employees to hear instructions when operating dollies, undermining workplace safety, and their contribution to ambient noise levels can make keeping warehouse noise below legal limits more challenging.

Pneumatic castors are a great choice if you are having trouble keeping noise levels down in your warehouse. They are almost silent when rolling over both smooth and rough surfaces, even when bearing heavy loads.

Less likely to cause injury

The stiff wheels of a steel or hard rubber castor can cause significant pain and injury if accidentally rolled over the unprotected hand or foot of an employee. Pneumatic tyres are more forgiving, as their air-filled tyres are less likely to cause physical injury.

Excellent for outdoor use

Many warehousing operations, such as warehouses used to store and distribute plants, building materials and farming equipment, have outdoor sections used for the storage of items that do not need protection from rain and wind. These outdoor sections are often poorly paved (or completely unpaved), and maneuvering dollies fitted with standard castors over this rough terrain can be a real challenge. The chunky tyres fitted to pneumatic castors make off-road used of dollies much easier and safer.

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